We help with publicity, growing the movement and online presence. These roles are good for anyone, even if you work full time or, aren’t able to physically come to actions. Support is available for all of these positions if you are not confident and looking to develop some new skills! However, experience is also welcome.

We are looking for:

Newsletter support

We send out a weekly newsletter, usually on a Sunday or Monday. This involves looking out for updates, including speaking to other groups, and curating any information sent to us - which we collect in a shared google doc. Will involve writing and formatting/sending via Action Network (which is very simple!).

Press liaison support

For any actions in the Manchester area, we write and send press releases to our media contacts list using MailChimp. Will need to make sure someone is available to speak to the press by phone ahead of any actions and be able to manage any incoming emails.

Social Media

Facebook support

Day to day posting to our XR Manchester and XR North facebook page. Posts can be scheduled ahead of time and pre planned. Will involve sharing relevant local actions, meetings, news articles and videos. For actions, you will need to help arrange for livestreamers.

Twitter support

Day to day posting to the XR Manchester twitter, replying to relevant tweets, share news articles and retweeting tweets from across the movement, helping to promote our overall message. Will need to arrange for or live tweet updates from our actions.

Instagram support

Day to day posts and updating instagram stories to help keep followers informed of what we get up to and how they can get involved.

If you have any questions about the roles, please feel free to email media@xrmcr.org and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Ideally for each of these roles it would be good to have 2-3+ people so that workload can be shared. We ask that you are easy to be contacted and proactive in checking messages as we often need to collaborate online and share work (we are all crew in XR). As well, these roles are by no means set in stone, we have set these out in this way based on experience. We welcome any ideas and discussion on ways of working!

If you contact us and later realise that you are not able to help or it’s not what you thought, please do let us know as well - it’s totally fine! You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but we do have a lot of people contact and then stop responding, which takes time to chase for a really small team, so please do let us know.

For additional skills such as photography, videography, video editing and proofreading, please email into media@xrmcr.org and we will add you to our email list and contact you when we have an action that needs covering. Alternatively if you have any ideas on something to post on social media, please feel free to a meeting or email.

If you have any blog post ideas for us to add to the website that would be useful, please also feel free to email media@xrmcr.org and we will get them proofread and added to the site.

If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in for now or ongoing, feel free to email us with the role you are interested in and if you have any experience (or not!).