Non-violent direct action (NVDA) is central to the Extinction Rebellion movement. As a decentralised movement, anyone can engage in NVDA as long as they adhere to the XR Principles and Values. There are some things you may want to consider before engaging in direct action, as well as supporting resources, below.

If you’d like more information about actions in Manchester contact:

Has everyone had NVDA training?

NVDA training is where you learn the facts and skills around arrest, for example your legal rights at the point of arrest and what the process is likely to entail. Find out when the next NVDA training in Manchester is

Have you discussed your risk level in terms of arrest and what your boundaries are?

Some people may be arrestable, but have boundaries in terms of what they are happy to be arrested for. This might be based on the possible sentence (e.g. someone might be happy to be arrested for an action that carries a fine, but not for one that has risk of a prison sentence); or on the nature of the action itself. It is important to understand these boundaries before embarking on any action.

Is the action arrestable? If so, is everyone informed of and happy with this?

You can find more information about the legal side of things here.

Do you have a plan for talking about whether everyone is still feeling comfortable during the action?

For example, this could be done through frequent ‘check-ins’ and by having a clear code for someone to use if they become uncomfortable at any stage. Generally, the wellbeing person or group co-ordinator will take responsibility for ensuring that check-ins take place.

If undertaking an arrestable action, it is important to have legal observers present. Anyone can have legal observer training: find out more about legal observer training in Manchester here.

Have you done a check-out and debrief after the action?

‘Checking-out’ at the end of an action – doing a quick go round to see how everyone is feeling – is a really important way to check whether everyone feels comfortable with the action just taken and to flag where further support may be useful. A fuller evaluation, often done a few days later, is also a good opportunity to discuss how everything went, including how successful communication and wellbeing during the action was, as well as how smoothly the logistics ran.

Actions Checklist

A suggested checklist for planning, carrying out and following up actions.

Action Consensus

This is the binding framework for non violent direct actions undertaken during the Extinction Rebellion campaign, outlining the movement’s international principles and values.

Actions and Logistics Manual

Outlines the suggested steps for visioning, preparing for, and carrying out an action, including roles for actions and check-list of steps.

Legal Info

Non-violent direct action (NVDA) is central to the Extinction Rebellion movement. Before attending an action, it’s crucial that all rebels inform themselves about their rights as protesters and the possible consequences of arrest.

If you are concerned about arrest or any criminal charges, get in touch with the wellbeing and regenerative culture working group at There is also a channel on Slack for arrestee support.

Having a Criminal Record

Information on what having a criminal record might mean, in terms of future employment and other possible concerns.

Offences table

Table of possible offenses, for those planning to engage in arrestable action, and possible penalties.

Further detail about some of the offences that have been included on the Criminal Offences Table.

Green and Black Cross

A key resource for advice on protest and arrest rights. Including:

Mission Lifeforce

Register as an ‘Earth Protector’. Mission Lifeforce are trying to get ecocide and the role of Earth Protectors recognised in law. By becoming an Earth Protector (and donating $5), you receive a certificate that you are acting in this capacity and help fund the legal support required for the amendment to international law.

Other resources from XR International

The main international XR website, for up-to-date resources as they are developed and published.

Wellbeing and Regenerative Culture

We will not allow the degenerative dominant culture to persistently deplete the Earth and us. We are planting the seeds of a Regenerative, Nourishing Culture! Wellbeing is key to keeping our rebels going and supported.

If you’d like more information about wellbeing and regenerative culture in Manchester contact

What is regenerative culture?

Has everyone had wellbeing and regenerative culture training?

wellbeing and regenerative culture training is where you learn the facts and skills on how to support yourself and one another during an action. It is not just for those taking on a designated wellbeing role within the affinity group: self-care during and after actions is a central part of the training.

Do you have trained wellbeing support?

Each affinity group is recommended to have trained wellbeing representatives, who will not plan to get arrested, will provide wellbeing during the action and will arrange arrestee support where relevant. Anyone can receive regenerative culture and wellbeing training: find out about training taking place in Manchester here.

Wellbeing Pack

Resources for wellbeing in actions, including the basics, further reading and templates for regen documents.

  • Action wellbeing checklists
  • Tips on how to support your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of your affinity group
  • Post-action Check-in and debrief guide
  • Self-soothing techniques
  • Useful contacts
  • De-escalation techniques

Post-action wellbeing Pack

Resources offering guidance for local wellbeing coordinator, regenerative culture working group members and other to help them support the rebels/conscientious protectors in their affinity/local/working groups in the aftermath of an action or protest:

  • Advice on holding talking circles
  • Buddy guide
  • Burnout and post-arrest support
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Regional and National support networks for rebels, buddies and regen coordinators

Other resources from XR International

The main international XR website, for up-to-date resources as they are developed and published, as well as contact emails for further support or reporting safeguarding issues, from the international wellbeing team.

Green and Black Cross advice on emotional support

Advice on trauma and emotional support following direct actions and arrest.

Media and Platforms

‘Tell the Truth’ is one of the core XR aims. We are using media and online platforms to do this, making people aware of ecological breakdown and its dire consequences, but also spreading the word about the amazing rebels resisting the catastrophe we face.

_The resources below are primarily to help local groups with their own media and outreach. If you are interested in getting involved with the XR Manchester Media or Platforms working groups email /

Website Contents Guidance

Things to think about when writing for the website: how to ensure that our website aligns with XR’s Principles and Values.

Facebook Moderation Guidance

Guidelines for Facebook moderation: how to ensure that our social media aligns with XR’s Principles and Values.

Checklist for Promoting Events

A checklist for promoting XR events.

Press Release Template

Social Media Event Banners

XR banners to use for events on social media.


The Art Group makes sure that we look fabulous and recognisable. Anyone can produce art of all kinds to spread the word about XR - but XR also has lots of ready made resources available to anyone who wants to use them to spread the word.

If you are interested in getting involved in the XR Manchester Arts Working Group, email:

Fonts and Graphics

Basic XR graphics, templates and fonts for using on promotional materials. N.B. The XR symbol does not belong to Extinction Rebellion and therefore cannot be used to raise funds.

Posters, Leaflets and Banners

Structure of XR MCR

Extinction Rebellion is a decentralised and autonomous movement, meaning that anyone can act in its name as long as they adhere to the XR Principles and Values. There are lots of active rebels in Manchester and many ways that you can get involved, either through your local group or through a central working group, such as Actions, Wellbeing or Media

The resources below give a little more information on how XR currently functions in Manchester. Find more Information about local groups here, or how to contact any of the central Manchester working groups here.

XR in Greater Manchester

An outline of how XR MCR currently works and how and where you can get involved.

How to start a local group

Guidance on how to start a local group, if you are interested in forming an XR group for your region of Manchester. A list of existing local groups is available here.

Meeting Minutes


Financial policy and expense claim form.