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Evaluating Sources

8 minute read

When reading news stories and before sharing them, it is vital to stop for a minute and evaluate the source. We all know that “fake news” and disinformation ...

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The planet is in crisis, and so are we.

6 minute read

Our unsustainable use of planetary resources is reflected in our mental health and social crisis: our society, and whole economic model, is unsustainable on ...

What’s the deal?

4 minute read

We’re in a dire situation with climate change. To say the least. What’s the actual deal? How bad is it? And what do we do? The Golden Formula is disruption +...


1 minute read

A poem by Simon Armitage

A Global Movement Closer Than Politics

5 minute read

The Climate Strike on Friday 20th was the largest global protest in history. Can we commit to keeping it non-partisan, and hold to that, focussing on the goa...

Re-wilding and the Northern Forest project

2 minute read

In the list of solutions for our climate catastrophe rewilding and the protection of our remaining natural landscapes are technically amongst the easiest to ...

Why climate change causes extremism

3 minute read

The cruel reality of climate change often causes a rise in ideological beliefs and systems that are themselves catastrophic and cruel.

Why Rebel?

2 minute read

We simply do not have time for business as usual or slow change.

Why the children are saving us

2 minute read

The children are taking the lead in saving us, and our planet, from total climate breakdown. We, as adults, must stand by them, support them, and learn to fo...

The Didsbury Mosque Outreach

1 minute read

Islam calls on the faithful to care for the natural world. I went to talk about the climate emergency at Friday afternoon prayers at the Didsbury mosque on b...

Jim Naughtie on BBC Radio 4

3 minute read

Jim Naughtie Tells the Truth and makes the case to Act Now in this excellent but chilling piece.

A Social Survey on Climate Change

8 minute read

Politicians lack the courage to tell the truth and the democratic mandate to act on the climate science. 80% of the public care, but very few care enough. XR...

A truly new world

10 minute read

I wrote a document borne out of frustration when reading the political manifestos during the 2017 General Election and seeing virtually nothing that I could ...

XRMCR Newsletter 12: Beyond Politics

13 minute read

The rebellion gathered pace as Glastonbury rebels marched to XR’s beat and Europe sweltered under an unprecedented heat wave. In Manchester, the momentum con...

Monday, 17th June ‘19 - Rebel Job Fair

less than 1 minute read

From 30th August - 4th September, the North will be rebelling here in Manchester. We’re going to need all hands on deck to make the government and other chan...

Facing Extinction

1 minute read

This blog article by Catherine Ingram was shared by Claire Stocks. It is very long but it details a lot of what we are facing and why it is hard to accept wh...

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