I wish I had nothing to lose.
But I have everything to lose.
I could lose marmite, and honey,
Which my gran used to put on sandwiches together,
Because she was a rebel.

I might lose the happy meal toys I get cheap from charity shops,
And Lego. I really like Lego.
I might lose smiling at yappy dogs that think they are greyhounds
All cocky and loud.
I may lose my son.

I may lose the smell of toast and coffee in the morning
And the way that you smile at me that tells me it’s on.
I might lose coffee.
They tell be arabica isn’t doing so well.
I might lose coffee.

I might lose nail clippers and LED lights and projectors and boxing gloves
That arrive when I buy them
In 24 hours.
I might lose my Amazon subscription.
I might lose the plants I love and the trees.
We might lose the Amazon.

Netflix might not be a thing
YouTube might fall silent.
I may lose my patience with politicians who sell weapons
Whilst they tell me about how they abhor violence.
I may lose my self-righteousness.
I may lose my friends.
I might lose the ability to speak.
I might lose the ability to cry.
I really hope I never lose my willingness to hold you.

I might lose a world with animals in it
Who are wild and untamed and awake.
I might lose air that can be breathed without processing.
I might lose the ability to stand in the rain
Without being burnt by the acid.
I might lose my strength.
I might lose my empathy.
I might lose my will.
I might lose everything.

I really hope, I really really hope,
That I only lose the things
And not the people.
Not the life.

I really hope, I really, really hope,
That we can all rebel against this madness
And remember what it is we need,
What it is we love,
And shed the rest.