Ryebank Fields was given to Manchester Metropolitan University by the council many years ago, under the agreement that the area be maintained for use as playing fields - making it especially outrageous that they are now planning to profit by selling the land for housing "development".

Since Saturday 24th April, Extinction Rebellion Manchester, Animal Rebellion Manchester, and local residents have established and occupied a protection camp on RyeBank Fields in Chorlton, to save it from destruction.

Ryebank is a unique, biodiverse, naturally rewilded green space, unlike anything anywhere else in central Manchester, home to over 1400 trees, and scores of bird and mammal species, essential for both wildlife and community health and flourishing... and loved especially intensely by the local dog-owning community!

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But the absolute best thing you can do is drop by and say hello!
The camp is permanently occupied and the rainy days can be looooong, so its always great to chat with someone new!

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