People in the North of England are rising up for the climate emergency - join us to Act Now!

What's going on?

XR MCR is hosting a four-day peaceful climate change protest at Deansgate in Manchester city centre from Friday August 30th. We invite you to join us in the Northern Rebellion.

Rebels will hold a peaceful space in the city centre to create a wonderful oasis of social change, creativity and action. With three days of music, art, training, talks, food, wellbeing, workshops and civil disobedience, it’s a chance to meet others, learn new skills, draw strength from each other - and take non-violent direct action in response to the continued inaction on our terrible ecological crisis. 💚🌍

Line up

Day by day - stage by stage, see what's happening at the Northern Rebellion and get involved.

Facilities Map

Find details of local compassionate venue who have agreed to support the #NorthernRebellion using our interactive Facilities Map

What's going on?

The event will be a powerful and regenerative blend of Rebel Fest, Rebel School and Rebel Camp - as well as peaceful non-violent direct action for those who wish to take part.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've collated the most common questions we've been getting asked about the Northern Rebellion.

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Download a selection of beautiful social media and print resources and help us spread awareness of the effects of climate change and the Northern Rebellion.

There will be some brilliant speakers such as ecological economics expert Julia Steinberger, one of the authors of the Intergovernmental Panel Of Climate Change’s landmark 2018 report - as well as DJs, bands and performers from all over the region, including our very own samba band, and some surprise special guests.

Invoking the rallying cry of those other Manchester rebels, the suffragettes, who told us "Deeds not Words", we urge people to:

Act Now - and join the Northern Rebellion!