We recommend that each affinity group have trained wellbeing representatives, who will not plan to get arrested, will provide wellbeing during the action and will arrange arrestee support where relevant.

Anyone can receive regenerative culture and wellbeing training.

Find out when the next regenerative culture and wellbeing training in Manchester is by visiting our events page.

Wellbeing and regenerative culture training is where you learn the facts and skills on how to support yourself and one another during an action. It is not just for those taking on a designated wellbeing role within the affinity group. Self-care during and after actions is a central part of the training.

Wellbeing Pack

Resources for wellbeing in actions, including the basics, further reading and templates for regen documents.

Post-action wellbeing Pack

Resources offering guidance for local wellbeing coordinators, regenerative culture working group members and others to help them support XR rebels in the aftermath of an action or protest.

Emotional Support

Advice from Green and Black Cross on trauma and emotional support following direct actions and arrest.

More information

Wellbeing is key to keeping our rebels going and supported. If you’d like more information about wellbeing and regenerative culture in Manchester contact our working group.