NVDA stands for Non-Violent Direct Action.

NVDA training is where you learn the facts and skills around arrest, such as your legal rights at the point of arrest and what the process is likely to entail.

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Prior to the event, the group undertaking the action will discuss whether the action poses a risk of getting arrested.

If there is a risk, the action coordinator will make sure everyone taking part is informed and comfortable.

You can find more information about the legal side of things here.

Some people may be arrestable, but have boundaries in terms of what they are happy to be arrested for. This might be based on the possible sentence (e.g. someone might be happy to be arrested for an action that carries a fine, but not for one that has risk of a prison sentence) or on the nature of the action itself.

It is important to understand these boundaries before embarking on any action.

First of all, don’t panic! This is perfectly normal.

During each action, we do frequent ‘check-ins’ and we agree a clear code for someone to use if they become uncomfortable at any stage.

Generally, the wellbeing person or group co-ordinator will take responsibility for ensuring that check-ins take place during an action/protest/demonstration. You can withdraw your participation at any time.


If undertaking an arrestable action, it is important to have legal observers present.

Anyone can have legal observer training.

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It’s important to ‘check-out’ at the end of an action.

This is a quick debrief to see how everyone is feeling and is a really important way to check whether everyone feels comfortable with the action just taken and to flag where further support may be useful.

A fuller evaluation, often done a few days later, is also a good opportunity to discuss how everything went, including how successful communication and wellbeing during the action was, as well as how smoothly the logistics ran.

Actions Checklist

A suggested checklist for planning, carrying out and following up actions.

Actions Consensus

This is the binding framework for non violent direct actions undertaken during the Extinction Rebellion campaign, outlining the movement’s international principles and values.

Actions and Logistics Manual

This manual outlines the suggested steps for visioning, preparing for, and carrying out an action, including roles for actions and a checklist of steps.

More information

If you are concerned about arrest or any criminal charges, get in touch with the wellbeing and regenerative culture working group.