Below you will find the contact details of our working groups. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please note that we are all working with Extinction Rebellion on a voluntary basis, therefore our capacity to respond to emails is limited at times. We do our best to respond to messages as soon as possible, so please bear with us.


Managing and creating content for social platforms, press, printed media and more.

Core Operations

Administration, finance and office support.


Transforming actions through arts and seeking to provide unforgettable expressions of Extinction Rebellion’s demands.


Supporting you in organising a Heading for Extinction talk in your community; providing a wide range of other trainings to the rebel community to strengthen our movement. Do get in touch.

Regenerative Culture

Nurturing a culture of wellbeing, support and togetherness in XRMCR. Let’s look after ourselves.


Developing, maintaining, and facilitating XRMCR’s internal and external digital communications and website maintenance.


Growing and diversifying the XR movement in Manchester through contact in the community and collaborating with Working Groups.


Organising large-scale actions based in Greater Manchester that use the political strategy of XRMCR and National XR.

General Enquiries

If you don’t know which department to contact, email our general enquiries inbox and we’ll direct you to the most suitable place.